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Jewish Israeli Singing Performance

The Ultimate Live Music Experience By Guy Goresh

If you want your event to be extraordinary, you need a singer who will exceed expectations. Guy Goresh knows how to keep a crowd entertained. He has extensive experience in performing at weddings, chuppah ceremonies, and other special events. He has also grown a substantial fanbase on social media. Always sharpening his performance skills, he has played at a wide variety of venues.

Whether you want the music for your big day to be lively or have a more laid-back vibe, Guy Goresh has got you covered.  His professionalism and talent are sure to make your celebration one to remember. He’s happy to perform for all kinds of wedding events, like chuppah ceremonies, receptions, and more.

Story Of Guy Goresh

Embracing My Passion

I realized my passion for music during my first guitar lesson with my dad. After that, I joined choirs and musicals and learned songwriting.

Pursuing My Dream And Living It

I followed my dream to become a musician and went to California. There, I studied and graduated from college with a degree in music production. Today, I proudly write my lyrics and produce my songs in my home studio.

Continuing the Journey

I guess you can say that I’m spending my whole life with music. I find inspiration all around me. When creating music, I look at places that most people don’t give a second glance at. My music represents myself and my generation.

Either it's a romantic ceremony or high energy event, Guy Goresh will elevate your celebration.

Whether you would like to transform any boring event into a fun and exciting night or want to have the most thrilling musical entertainment at your chuppah ceremony, no worries as Guy Goresh will make it happen!

Chuppah Ceremony

Music That Evokes The Beauty And Importance Of This Sacred Day

Upbeat High Energy

High-Energy Live Music For Weddings & Corporate Events